Workshop on Inclusive Education – Mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar

The importance of Inclusive Education in ensuring quality education to all learners is a cornerstone of  UNESCO’s support to education worldwide.

Inclusive Education is based on the Right of all learners to a Quality Education that meets basic learning needs and enriches lives. Focusing particularly on vulnerable and marginalized groups, it seeks to develop the full potential of every individual. The ultimate goal of Inclusive Quality Education is to end all forms of discrimination and foster social cohesion.

How to turn Rhetoric to Reality ?

In Tanzania, a strategy on Inclusive Education (2009-2017) was developed in 2009/2010. The strategy is a comprehensive document that identifies key challenges for the Tanzanian Education system, hindering it from providing Quality Inclusive Education for all learners. It provides objectives on how to overcome these challenges so, that Quality Inclusive Education can become part and parcel of the Tanzanian Education system. A similar policy document was developed in Zanzibar in 2010.

Despite the existence of strategies both on Mainland Tanzania and in Zanzibar, many decision-makers are still not fully sensitized on what Inclusive Education entails and how to achieve it. The sensitization of decision-makers on the importance of Inclusive Education is therefore, a high priority if the strategies are to fulfill their objectives.


In order to answer some of these qusetions, and advance the path to the implementation of Inclusive Education, a two-day workshop took place in Zanzibar supported by UNESCO and the Ministry of EducationVocational Training ( MoEVT ), Tanzania. Other stakeholders as well as participants from NGOs took part in the workshop conducted by two international experts in Education and Policy brought by UNESCO.